Butchers Selection Box

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The Box includes:

• 500g Diced Beef
• 1kg Minced Beef
• 2 X Beef Burgers
• 2 X Chicken Breasts
• 2 X Pork Steaks
• 4 X Pork Sausages
• Rack of Lamb
• 800g Topside Beef
• 2 X Pork Chops
• 2 X Barnsley Double Loin Chop

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Perfect for a family or a couple. This box has a few more items that you will absolutely love. The Barnsley Double Loin Chops are great over the flames or pan fried. All of the lamb comes from a farm down the road from our shop and having these lambs being able to roam the hills right by the ocean makes them wonderful. The box still contains some of our wonderful Purbeck Porker Sausages and the rest of the box is simply delicious.

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Weight 25 kg