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The Salt Pig Too in Swanage was established to provide fresh local produce to the locals and to showcase the beautiful produce from the Purbeck region to the thousands of visitors we have every summer season & even in the winter.

The Salt Pig Restaurants

The Salt Pig Too in Swanage is the sister company of the Salt Pig in Wareham and is located on the high street in the heart of Swanage. Swanage is incredible having the beautiful coastline on our doorstep makes it the perfect place to get fresh fish and shellfish in on a daily basis.

The shop also showcases Dorset’s beautiful local produce from the Gins that are produced in the area to ice-cream, wine, and cider not to mention the cheese, jams, honey and so much more.  The restaurant has a seating capacity for 50 people and we do breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as a beautifully prepared Sunday roast with all of the meats being local and finished off in our charcoal oven.

Our meat is as local as it could be with the lamb coming from Steeple Leaze Farm located in Kimmeridge. The beef is also from our local farmers and is aged for a minimum of 28 days in our agers. The rare breed pigs are our own and are kept in the fields around Arne and Kimmeridge. The pigs are what makes us so unique as they are not mass-produced and have a wonderful life living in some of the most amazing areas in the country.

Mangalitsa & Berkshire Pigs
THE salt pig ciders

The Salt Pig Swanage Aim & Suppliers

Our aim in the Salt Pig Too is to make sure that we keep our ethos of looking after the planet as much as we can close to our hearts. We know how much wastage happens at the moment in the world and how our wildlife means so much more to us at the moment than it ever has.

Our suppliers are local, and we always do our best to keep the world looked after. We work with suppliers to recycle as much as we can and make sure that our produce is never wasted. We even try and give all local left-over fruit and veg that has cannot be sold/eaten to our pigs to make sure they are enjoying some of the best food in the country.

The mission is to continue to grow the business organically and to keep making sure we do our best to educate as many people as possible about what we can all do in order to look after our planet a little bit better.

The produce is so good around where we live – we want to make sure that everyone gets to enjoy it as much as they can. We know that we are incredibly proud of what we produce and know it can stand up to any other produce around the country.

Come in for a coffee and enjoy one of our roasted blends that suits you or even create your very own blend. Sit and enjoy it with a freshly baked pastry or one of the delicious pieces of cake on offer.

The restaurant is a great place to stop for a Full English Breakfast, a cup of coffee, and some cake or some lunch. We offer a sit-down option for all meals, but we also have some amazing food for takeaway as well as Meat Boxes for delivery. Our quiches are world famous and we always have them available for customers; whether it’s a slice or the entire quiche. The chefs make sure that the food is seasonal and use the produce that is brought in from our suppliers, locals that have grown too much produce, or even the staff that contribute to our supplies.

The butcher’s counters are always full of some incredible meat and their displays are amazing to look at and the quality is unreal. The butchers work on the meat cutting daily and will happily help you with a special cut, a recipe, or even get a personal cut of meat in for you. The team can marinade the product for you and add some extra ingredients if you’re feeling really lazy so that you have a one-pot wonder.

We have a Dry Ager on-site and the team is more than willing to keep the cut of meat ageing for you as long as you would like which is a great way to get the very best out of your product or simply try something different. The team has meat boxes ready for you to order for collection and delivery. We will happily create your very own box if that’s what you would like.

As a small business, we are very quick to adapt to change and are always trying some new ideas, and always have our customers in mind. We change our stock to suit the seasonality as well as our customer's demand but always ensuring that we look after our animals and our planet.

We look forward to seeing you in our shop soon and cannot wait to show you all of the amazing produce on offer.

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