Rare Breed Pork



4 X Pork Skewers

4 X Spiced Pork Koftas

4 X Pork Chops

300g Salt Pig Bacon

8 Pork Chops 1kg Pork Rolled Roast

Hand-Trimmed By Our Master Butchers
Eco Packed By Our Staff & Shipped With Care




Total: 55.95
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These are our pigs. & We take great care of them, with them every day,

Makeing sure they have the best life possible, with good food and clean healthy water

They are not mass producet. And That takes a lot longer to get to the right stage.

The Fat content in this pork, makes flavor’s you have not tried before…

We are willing to  beat…

Fantastic eating. Treat your famally to Somthing spical, Sunday lunch or any nights supricze

We love our bacon..This Mangalista Bacon is out of this world…

We know you will be back for more..

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Rare Breed Pork