The Purbeck Sika Venison Box (Seasonal)


In the Isle of Purbeck we have the pleasure of a wide variety of deer roaming our hills and wetlands offering a rich and unique flavor. This box is available from October – March. 

Our Purbeck Sika Meat Box Includes:

1kg Rolled Boneless Haunch Joint

2 x 6oz Rump Steaks

2 x 150g Loin Fillets

2 x 6oz Venison Burgers

1kg Venison Mince

500g Diced Venison  

*All of our weights are estimates and may vary due to size of animals as well as loss of weight in transit*
Total: 65.95
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It's not always easy to go out and get your high quality Purbeck meat, especially if you don't live in the Dorset area. To combat this we are now offering you your very own Purbeck meat box which allows the quality and flavours of Purbeck to follow you wherever you may be in the country. If you have any questions please do feel free to contact us and our butchery team will be on hand to give you their knowledge of the finest cuts in the South of England.

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The Purbeck Sika Venison Box (Seasonal)