The Purbeck Beef Box


Our Beef is sourced from across Purbecks conservation grazing schemes and areas of higher level stewardship – including National Trust farms. Our naturally reared suckler herds including, White Park, Hereford, Longhorn and Devons graze from the coastal cliffs to the heaths, wetlands and woods around Poole harbour creating and maintaining diverse natural habitats while producing some incredible beef.  

Our Purbeck Beef Box includes:

1 x 800g Topside

2 x 8oz Rump Steaks

2 x 10oz Braising Steaks

1kg Minced Beef 500g Diced Beef

4 x 6oz Salt & Pepper Burgers  

*All of our weights are estimates and may vary due to size of animals as well as loss of weight in transit*
Total: 59.95
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We are blessed in Purbeck with large areas of conservation grazing as well as farms with “higher level stewardship” agreements , allowing  conservation and farming to run side by side and produce fantastic slow grown beef .

We use several rare/traditional breeds including “white park” (the oldest breed of cows, originally brought to Purbeck by the Romans) also, Longhorns, Devon’s, Angus & Hereford.

All our beef comes from “Beef suckler herds” this means the calf’s stay with and are reared with their mums as nature intended, they Graze the wood’s, heath and fields around Purbeck.

It's not always easy to go out and get your high quality Purbeck meat, especially if you don't live in the Dorset area. To combat this we are now offering you your very own Purbeck meat box which allows the quality and flavours of Purbeck to follow you wherever you may be in the country. If you have any questions please do feel free to contact us and our butchery team will be on hand to give you their knowledge of the finest cuts in the South of England.

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The Purbeck Beef Box