Long Horn White Park Beef Box


The Box includes:
1kg Minced Beef
Salt Pig Beef Olive
Braising Steak
800g Topside Beef
500g Diced Beef
4 X 6oz Burgers

Hand-Trimmed By Our Master Butchers
Eco Packed By Our Staff & Shipped With Care

Total: 55.95
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The White Park Beef.

We are blessed in Purbeck with large areas of conservation grazing as well as farms with “higher level stewardship” agreements , allowing  conservation and farming to run side by side and produce fantastic slow grown beef .

We use several rare/traditional breeds including “white park” (the oldest breed of cows, originally brought to Purbeck by the Romans) also, Longhorns, Devon’s, Angus & Hereford.

All our beef comes from “Beef suckler herds” this means the calf’s stay with and are reared with their mums as nature intended, they Graze the wood’s, heath and fields around Purbeck.

The White Park Beef beef is aged in our fridges for at least 2 more

weeks after initial hanging which makes the meat

Incredibly tender and juicy.


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